Skein 22

This has been a long time coming but finally finished a skein on this blanket. Love the finished product. Still have to add the border but this was my 22 skein. It already has a home with a little bundle of joy who has yet to make his grand entrance to earth but I am prayerful he will love his blanket none the less.


Weaving In Ends

I loathe weaving in loose ends of yarn. I absolutely love the end result of my graphgans but I don’t like making them pretty. I have to weave in all those color change yarns and pretty up the end picture. I have considered just sewing a piece of fabric on it. I might try that hmmm maybe a good idea. Well I finally finished weaving in my loose ends on a gift blanket for a friend and she has patiently waited. Thanks Jen. Your blanket is on the way. 

Twin Mommy and me graphgan progress

OK I am currently working on three graphghans at the same time. This helps me not to get discouraged. I just switch between projects when I get bored with one,. This is
one of the three and I already have plenty in que. I realize three is the max and I really could do just two and be more comfortable. So here it is my Twin Mommy and Me for my daughter. Hope you like what has started and I can’t wait to show you the finished product.