One Skein down

For anyone who follows my blog you know I am a yarn hoarder. I am slowly but surely trying to destash. It is really hard to part with my yarn as well as to finish a skein a day. So after getting to far behind on my skein a day goal I decided to start over. This Sunday I will be starting my skein a day again. I am currently one up in my goal because I finished a skein today. The big rolls count as two skeins (maybe even three) I will have to do the math on the yardage. I am super excited to get my basement back and to see how I can turn this stash into cash!! I am looking at destash I g my red heart yarn first since I have a few patterns that I know are stash busters. I have a plan!!! Let’s pray it all comes together.


Red Heart Bright mix

Started a new project before I finished my bow cowl. My ADD kicked in and decided to make a pretty colored baby jacket from Red Heart’s Bright Mix Yarn. I love the colors in this yarn. Vanessa (my sister and fellow crocheter) agrees these colors are gorgeous. One skein didn’t finish my project. I estimate for two of the kimono style jackets I am making I will need 3-3 1/2 skeins. I was able to finish the two front pieces with one skein and a small amount from the second skein. This was not a free pattern but I will post all of the information with the completed post.


Operation Too Much Yarn

I am a hoarder of yarn!!! There I said it and I have taken my first step. I am diligently trying to work through this. I am currently working through skeins of yarn so daily I will brief you on my struggle and yes the struggle is real. Now I am currently working on a Cowboys afghan, a teddy bear book bag, and hoot the owl. Now only one of them is offered free through Red Heart and I will share the link. I plan on sharing the pics of my progress and keep you posted. I would also like to update my followers know I may be leaving Etsy to start my own website. They are on the Redskins bandwagon and as a creator and artist I don’t want that to be stifled with restrictions. Another reason is I LOVE the Redskins, I bleed burgundy and gold. I am researching (it’s in my nature to do my homework) starting a website. I hope everyone keeps my goals in prayer to uplift my success. Signing out God bless. The link to the free pattern is