Scrapbook Night 

My daughter had an exceptionally bad year in 2015. I would always ask her what could make her take her mind off of the bad and focus on something good. I explained to her that crochet is my escape, how I relax and keep my sanity. After brainstorming she told me that crochet wasn’t her thing but she’d like to try scrap booking (yay!!! a hobby). So today we had our date. We got a scrapbook, some stickers, cute paper for bordering our pictures, ink for the printer, and snacks. The printer was a major problem and I kept my cool and we went to Walgreens to print out pics (it was less stressful than trying to figure out how to make that printer work). I am on a struck budget so .39 a picture was kind of steep for me. I still had to finish my chores and time is money so I had no choice but to fork over the money for six pictures. Now my to do list includes finding picture deals tomorrow (never again).  My daughter was very impressed at my sale logic (since every sale is not a sale). Ultimately we got our pictures and made a beautiful scrapbook page, she is much more creative than I am and she seemed very relaxed making keepsakes. My son has asked to join us in our next session (I think we may be on to something). 




New Scarf and Hat Set

Ok I have officially started over. I am halfway done with my scarf and I am debating if I will do the hat the same color or use a solid color (the current yarn is variegated) and doing the flower with the current yarn. I love the colors of this yarn it is Caron Simply Soft Paints Our Heritage. I was overjoyed about finishing a poncho that I could wear with some cute hills and my jeans or a khaki skirt and boots. Now I am reduced to a hat and scarf set but to know me is to know I will make it hot.

Crochet is my addiction

I am in the process of getting my home together. I am an crocheter and I am addicted to buying patterns & yarn. When I look at my home I could be organized if I just got rid of my yarn & patterns. However, I have accepted that will never happen. I have more patterns then I will complete in a lifetime but that isn’t a deterrent for me to stop. When I look at articles on how to organize my yarn I think those methods would only hold 1/4 of my stash. I could wrap yarn around the world in triplicate and still have leftovers. So here is my confession “my name is Kathi & I am an addict”. If anyone has any ideas or resolutions HELP!! I will take any and all suggestions.

Pattern 1 of my 52 week pattern challenge

My first pattern comes from The Complete Guide to Crochet Vol 1. This is actually a UK publication & requires some translation to English. This magazine comes from the UKs other crochet magazine called Inside Crochet of which I am also a fan. Anyway on to the pattern I did the Sandy Bag. It was mega fast to work up I did this in about a day & a half leaving me time to work on some freestyle patterns. With quick patterns like this I might be able to do more then 52!




52 Patterns – Crochet

I am a person who loves to crochet. Unfortunately my desire to crochet everything in every crochet book & magazine is way bigger then my time. So I have decided to crochet (at least) a pattern a week. The patterns are easy to come by but again there is that thing with time. This goal will force me to make time in my week to work on something I love. Stay tuned for pics and pattern tips. I look forward to hearing from you.