Learning to Love

Love is complicated. Its really easy to love someone who loves you. The real hard part is to love people who don’t earn or appreciate your love. The real hard part is loving from a distance. It is also hard to be quiet when I realize someone is not being as humble or appreciative as I would be. Being considerate of others feelings is a big thing for me. Unfortunately, others are not always so kind. How to handle the unkind is my biggest issue. I was the kid that fought the bullies who picked on the weaker kids. Now as an adult I reevaluate that position and ask myself does that make me any better then the bully. I am not diffusing the conflict but replacing it and that doesn’t help create peace and positivity. My adventure in 2018 is to learn to resolve conflict with love and peace.


The Experience (Astrology)

Recently I attended a function at this spot called Flourish in Baltimore MD.  The name of the meeting was A Goddess Deserves a Temple. It was so deep and so in tuned with the universe.  In the meeting we discussed having a home where your energy could be positive.  Where there wouldn’t be chaos or negativity.  Now I pray and I read my bible and some Christians had me scared to explore Chakras and read things about Astrology.  However, after going to that meeting and going to a follow up meeting called The Astrology of Loving I felt new.  It was like that third eye opened.  I had to meditate on this during my prayer session with God and it was like I had a Eureka moment.  Why wouldn’t God want me to be curious of the stars and the moon and the soon and how they all affect my life.  God created these beautiful things for me to enjoy and embrace.  I started to think about how sometimes we get so caught up in the religion and we lose the relationship.  The relationship is the most important part of knowing God and His word.  I sat down today and finished reading the information about eh zodiac for my birthdate and my zodiac sign and I have to admit it was right on point.  Me to the T and it was even kind of scary that someone would know me just from my birthdate.  I have felt so in tuned with me since the meetings, it is like I am more in loved with me.  I can’t wait to share this new found joy with my loved one.


I have been M.I.A. mostly because I have been lazy. I have gotten complacent and because I am in a good place in my life I have become content. Well yesterday was my birthday and I realized that, although I have accomplished some things I missed giving other things any effort. I had to give myself the pep talk that I would give my kids. Neglecting my blog and my crochet business is unacceptable. So to anyone who follows my blog I promise to make an effort to get at least one blog post a day. Please keep me in prayer that I reach my goals.

Scrapbook Night 

My daughter had an exceptionally bad year in 2015. I would always ask her what could make her take her mind off of the bad and focus on something good. I explained to her that crochet is my escape, how I relax and keep my sanity. After brainstorming she told me that crochet wasn’t her thing but she’d like to try scrap booking (yay!!! a hobby). So today we had our date. We got a scrapbook, some stickers, cute paper for bordering our pictures, ink for the printer, and snacks. The printer was a major problem and I kept my cool and we went to Walgreens to print out pics (it was less stressful than trying to figure out how to make that printer work). I am on a struck budget so .39 a picture was kind of steep for me. I still had to finish my chores and time is money so I had no choice but to fork over the money for six pictures. Now my to do list includes finding picture deals tomorrow (never again).  My daughter was very impressed at my sale logic (since every sale is not a sale). Ultimately we got our pictures and made a beautiful scrapbook page, she is much more creative than I am and she seemed very relaxed making keepsakes. My son has asked to join us in our next session (I think we may be on to something). 



Getting in Shape

I was lucky enough to get a trip to Vegas paid for by my job. But there was a three hour difference so I was up every morning at 4 with absolutely nothing to do. So I started walking 2 miles every morning. I struggle with my pudgy tummy and I am trying to get in shape. Well since I have returned home I was not able to keep up this regime till today. I got home and grabbed my dog for a long walk. It was during this walk I realized how out of shape my dog is. He kept stopping like he had to go to the bathroom because he wanted to rest. It was the funniest thing. I now know that we will be taking long walks daily. He is now my focus so keeping him motivated will in turn get me in shape too.

New Scarf and Hat Set

Ok I have officially started over. I am halfway done with my scarf and I am debating if I will do the hat the same color or use a solid color (the current yarn is variegated) and doing the flower with the current yarn. I love the colors of this yarn it is Caron Simply Soft Paints Our Heritage. I was overjoyed about finishing a poncho that I could wear with some cute hills and my jeans or a khaki skirt and boots. Now I am reduced to a hat and scarf set but to know me is to know I will make it hot.

Out of the Box

I felt the need to share with you my nickname the “white” black girl. In middle schools it made me angry. In high school it made me laugh. In adulthood it makes me proud. I am proud not because I try to be white as I am sure some will assume but because it shows my versatility. I love Linkin Park & Journey but I love Lil’ Wayne and Kenderick Lamar too. The funny thing is their lyrics are often interchangeable because they listen to each other!! Go figure. I love all foods and I can have fun anywhere. I am hopeful that everyone can enjoy the good of all cultures no matter their race!!