Just For Me 

I love this yarn and I can’t wait to crochet something just for me out of it. 



Skein 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, & 36

Ok I have been MIA but I have been a busy bee. I have a crop grey and blue shrug that I love. The pattern works up quick (a day and a half per shrug). A breast cancer awareness scarf also a quick work up and a very mobile pattern. Last but not least a breast cancer awareness full sized shrug. The best thing about all of these patterns is that they were FREE!! I love free. I have a few more projects in the works for breast cancer awareness month.  Standby I am on a roll. Planning on putting my items on ETSY this weekend.  Excuse my yarn strings but I am still weaving in the ends.


Breast Cancer Granny Square

There is a lot of cancer awareness information and stuff going around right now. Of course I am going to jump on the band wagon. I am contemplating getting my Etsy back up and running so I can sell some of my treasures. But here is my first breast cancer granny square. The link to the pattern is: https://youtu.be/FjPMMyjCUok.


Skein 24,25, and 26

I kind of feel like I am cheating but I have been working on coffee/tea cup cozis. Now the yarn for those is the cotton yarn that comes on a huge come that never seems to end or the little skeins that use up pretty quick. I feel like I am cheating call the little ball a skein but technically it is a skein of yarn (just a little one). So without further ado pics are attached and I am on skein 27 as we speak. 


Skein 21

Traveling today and finally finished skein 21. It is the beginning of an adult sized mermaidtale afghan. I didn’t want to buy a pattern so I am tweaking the instructions from  

https://youtu.be/o0gVjc0TrFk .

I am hopeful that my end result will turn out ok, since I have frogged this twice so far.  Unfortunately I didn’t bring enough yarn to finish it this trip so it may be a couple of weeks before I can post the end result. I am using the crocodile stitch to give it a scaly affect. That stitch uses quite a bit of yarn but it also extends your work time. If it comes out as I have envisioned it is going to be beautiful. 

Crochet Shell Baby Blanket

My new project is a pink, yellow, and white shell baby blanket. I got the pattern from http://www.redheart.com and modified it for a crib sized blanket. I tried pink, yellow, and grey but wasn’t in love with it. At first I wanted to do a granny square style but decided traditional wasn’t working for me. Pictures of my new creation will be coming soon. The pattern is called Twilight Shell Throw. If anyone else has tried this pattern please share your progress.