What Are They MissingĀ 

I often look at the children of today and know that as a child I was never this disrespectful and careless. When I ride public transportation I hear them speak to each other and they have no respect or regard for the surrounding adults. When I was growing up my biggest fear was that I’d be talking “grown” (my grandmother’s term) and someone that knew my parents would hear me and tell. Making my family or my parents child rearing skills look bad was like the ultimate sin. If I misbehaved with my mom or my dad I might get away with a tongue lashing but if I embarrassed them the punishment was going to be something close to capital punishment. I just wonder where those guidelines went? When did it become acceptable to be disrespectful to any and everyone? I often pray that my children are not one of the annoying ones that I encounter daily to and from work. I also wonder if they too have parents  at home saying the same prayers. I am hopeful that God will save our children even in their ignorance.


Motivation (Where are you?)

I don’t know what is wrong with me here recently. I use to love to read and when it came to taking care of home, I was every woman. Recently I can’t focus to finish reading a book or focusing on anything for that matter. I can’t find my motivation or the energy to even look for my motivation. I am wondering why I always feel so tired now (I know I am getting older but darn this is rough). Then I also wonder if it has to do with me getting in shape. I might be using up my extra energy carrying around all this extra weight. Either way I have got to find a solution and a resolution and soon.   Readers keep me prayed up thank you. Be blessed!!!