Owl Crochet Basket/Insomnia

Ok I have to work tomorrow but I’m still up crocheting. I just finished the eyes for my Owl Basket made in Redskin colors!!! It’s a gift for my mom and I am not sure if I am up because of my excitement for the gift or if this is my insomnia. Either way almost done and can’t wait to share it with my fellow bloggers. Goodnight!!


Operation Too Much Yarn

I am a hoarder of yarn!!! There I said it and I have taken my first step. I am diligently trying to work through this. I am currently working through skeins of yarn so daily I will brief you on my struggle and yes the struggle is real. Now I am currently working on a Cowboys afghan, a teddy bear book bag, and hoot the owl. Now only one of them is offered free through Red Heart and I will share the link. I plan on sharing the pics of my progress and keep you posted. I would also like to update my followers know I may be leaving Etsy to start my own website. They are on the Redskins bandwagon and as a creator and artist I don’t want that to be stifled with restrictions. Another reason is I LOVE the Redskins, I bleed burgundy and gold. I am researching (it’s in my nature to do my homework) starting a website. I hope everyone keeps my goals in prayer to uplift my success. Signing out God bless. The link to the free pattern is http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/its-hoot-owl-container