Charcoal Facial Products РReview 

Well I have been doing a lot of research with regard to charcoal and using it on the face for clear skin. It is a great facial scrub and helps close/shrink pores which also helps keep impurities out.  This also helps prevent blemishes, acne, and blackheads among other things. The charcoal products I have seen are rather pricey so imagine my surprise when I found a product at Walmart that was under $5 and was a charcoal facial scrub. I grabbed it and was anxious to use it. The instructions say only leave on for 7-10 minutes. But I am a rule breaker if you will so I put it on did my chores and washed it off before I went to bed (bad, bad idea). It had hardened and really hurt as I washed it off. The next morning I had red patches all over my face and patches of rough skin. Needless to say I feel like this is going to be an I love this product but I won’t know until I try it again using the instructions. The instructions do say you can use as needed but most articles suggest that you not use this more then every three days (yes I am going to listen this time. The smell of this scrub is amazing.


Book Review: The Digital Mom Handbook

I am really a novice at this blog thing and it sound a lot easier then it really is. So I checked out this book (title is in my heading) by Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla. Not sure if I found it helpful though. It speaks on finding your niche but I am everywhere. I have so much to juggle and want to talk about all of it. I am sure this book will help others but for me it wasn’t very good. It was however, inspiring because it gives a lot of success stories and pretty much gives some great publicity to blogs that have “made it”. As for me I am on to the next publication.