Skein 40, 41, 42, and 43

Yay!!! Moving right along I finished three infinity scarves and half of a baby blue blanket. So happy I have been on top of my game with the yarn.  




Ok so this is a picture of the ruffle scarf completed. I had to buy another skein but since I am on a yarn buying diet I can only buy one skein to finish projects only. It still sucks because I have to figure out how to finish that skein after my project is done. I am going to see if it’s enough to add gloves to my set. Always open to any suggestions from the gifted people on this blog!!! 


Skein 18

Yay!! Finished the Homespun yarn skein in two days. Love this cowl/infinity scarf and it was a quick work up. I will have a better pic to post later. I created the pattern myself because this yarn is a little harder to work with traditional crochet. Knocking down my stash one skein at a time. I finished this project in the AM on my way to work. I am glad I brought a back up project.

Skein 15

finished these today. I have completely given up on a skein a day (life keeps happening). But today I finished skein 15. I did a flower for a hat, partial scarf, and lovely fingerless gloves. I found the pattern for the fingerless gloves at: 


 I didn’t modify it too much but I left the thumb lining off. Once I decide on my outline color for my scarf, I plan to give them edging. This set is coming together lovely. I have to go through my stash to see if I have anymore Patons Shetlands Chunky. I am not allowing myself to buy anymore yarn and I am more then positive there is Patons Shetlands chunky somewhere in my stash.  Till tomorrow have a great night.