Scrapbook Night 

My daughter had an exceptionally bad year in 2015. I would always ask her what could make her take her mind off of the bad and focus on something good. I explained to her that crochet is my escape, how I relax and keep my sanity. After brainstorming she told me that crochet wasn’t her thing but she’d like to try scrap booking (yay!!! a hobby). So today we had our date. We got a scrapbook, some stickers, cute paper for bordering our pictures, ink for the printer, and snacks. The printer was a major problem and I kept my cool and we went to Walgreens to print out pics (it was less stressful than trying to figure out how to make that printer work). I am on a struck budget so .39 a picture was kind of steep for me. I still had to finish my chores and time is money so I had no choice but to fork over the money for six pictures. Now my to do list includes finding picture deals tomorrow (never again).  My daughter was very impressed at my sale logic (since every sale is not a sale). Ultimately we got our pictures and made a beautiful scrapbook page, she is much more creative than I am and she seemed very relaxed making keepsakes. My son has asked to join us in our next session (I think we may be on to something). 




My First C2C Scrap Blanket

I love how easy this works up. I don’t have to think about the colors either. Just grab a scrap skein and crochet it up. It looks cute no matter how I add yarn. I am almost done with the leftover yarn I had stashed in one of my dollar tree containers. I have 4 and a half balls left to go. This was my goal project today. My graphgan is my next priority project.