Velvet a Tuna Helper Review

Ok I was pressed for time and this seemed like a nice economical dinner for the daily. Plus this meal was a price I couldn’t complain about 4 cans of tuna at $0.89 and 2 boxes of the kit for $5 plus I had a bonus coupon. My total was $7 and some change!!! Loving it so far. My daughters volunteers to cook it while I take my youngest to football. When I get home and see this stuff I get worried, definitely didn’t look good. Aww what the heck so I try some it was gross!! It was really salty (not flavorful just salty). I threw the whole thing in the trash and found something in the freezer to whip up quick. Thank you Lord for my acti-fryer fries and nuggets. 


God’s Work

I got a much needed promotion this week. I found out on my oldest son’s birthday September 25th. It was like a double celebration. Now last week everything that could go wrong did. In one day my son dislocated his shoulder and my other son got into a fight after school. I was literally leaving work early for one thing when I got a call for the other. With so much going on I worried about starting my new job. You see with my old job I have history and I knew I could take off whenever I needed to when something comes up. Well I didn’t want to come through the door of my new job taking off from work. I also didn’t want to start with anything but a positive attitude. I had to really lean on God and say this will work itself out. My son needing doctors appointments to get better etc. will all work itself out. So I am on day two of my new job saying God is an awesome God and it is working itself out.  I have prayed hard for this and it is a wonderful opportunity. Have a blessed day.

Single Mom On Duty

Well I had been doing so well posting to my blog but today life started again.I am a single mom of three and grandma to twin 6 month old baby girls. I have always pushed for my children to stick together so my oldest son’s wrestling tournament (a two day event) is a family outing. So with that said let me give you a run down of my day. 5 AM wake up call so that I get to shower with hot water. 5:45 wake up my athlete to ensure he isn’t a funky offensive wrestler. Get him to the school by 6:30 AM for his 7:00 AM bus ride. Come back home and wake up my youngest son so that he can shower dress and eat. I let him know to wake up my oldest when he gets out of the shower (this gives me nap time). After everyone is dressed and ready get out the door because in a perfect world we’d be able to go straight to the gym but my world is far from perfect. So we have to stop to get gas, formula, and snacks (grocery store didn’t have sandwiches ready so the formula and snacks stop weren’t combined as planned). We arrived 37 minutes after the start to standing room only with two car seats (with heavy babies in them). We trudged through the crowd and found seats just in time to see my oldest son’s first match (a win!!!). We get settled and enjoy the next matches only to find that my son’s next match is in a matchbox room off of the gym (really). Now I have to stalk people to see if they are moving to find space for my tribe. No easy task but mission accomplished!!! We get to see my son’s second match (yet another victory). But we are all exhausted now. We have been at the match from 10:37 and it is now 4:05 PM. Now my son is Captain of his wrestling team and of that I am proud. However, the captain stays with the ship (told you no perfect world here). See other wrestlers get to leave when the team is done with their parents. My son must stay 😭. He has to leave with the team who has to wait for varsity who has not even started their last match. So I figure I can knock out some errands while I wait for the bus you know Walmart, grocery store, sneak in some Michael’s yarn shopping. Not realizing today is back to work day!! The bus gets caught in rush hour traffic arriving back at the school after 6:30 PM. I get to come home heat up leftovers, still do light housework and work a little on my projects. I went through this whole story to say I don’t have a finished product for my post. I got to start two today but finished none. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope to have a completed project to show you!!! In the meantime pray for me I don’t know if I am coming or going I am so tired!