Ok so this is a picture of the ruffle scarf completed. I had to buy another skein but since I am on a yarn buying diet I can only buy one skein to finish projects only. It still sucks because I have to figure out how to finish that skein after my project is done. I am going to see if it’s enough to add gloves to my set. Always open to any suggestions from the gifted people on this blog!!! 



God’s Work

I got a much needed promotion this week. I found out on my oldest son’s birthday September 25th. It was like a double celebration. Now last week everything that could go wrong did. In one day my son dislocated his shoulder and my other son got into a fight after school. I was literally leaving work early for one thing when I got a call for the other. With so much going on I worried about starting my new job. You see with my old job I have history and I knew I could take off whenever I needed to when something comes up. Well I didn’t want to come through the door of my new job taking off from work. I also didn’t want to start with anything but a positive attitude. I had to really lean on God and say this will work itself out. My son needing doctors appointments to get better etc. will all work itself out. So I am on day two of my new job saying God is an awesome God and it is working itself out.  I have prayed hard for this and it is a wonderful opportunity. Have a blessed day.