Yarn Destash Progress

I made minimal progress today. I started a scarf and found some really nice wash cloth and make up pad patterns for my cotton yarn but I failed to finish a skein today. I am already 26 skeins behind so this is not good. I did finish three earrings today of which I am very proud. My thread stash is big but not even close to my yarn. Ps other feat is I took my niece to A C Moore today and didn’t buy more yarn. I did buy some really cute buttons though, my winter hats are going to be cute!! Well tomorrow is another day and I have big plans for my yarn.  


Just Like That Hat

I finished working a “Just Like That Hat” by Jennifer Wolfe. I altered it a little because I crochet lose. I used a J hook instead of the K. I also didn’t come down the full 8 row repeat. Instead I did 7 and switched one row of single crochets for three. I an to add a flower but I love the look of this hat already. Now the Loops and Thread Charisma yarn is o. Sale this week for $1.99 (good luck though because ours is out). As I begin using the yarn I decided this yarn is perfect for slippers. I have a pattern and I plan to make a set to see how much yarn a pair costs. I am all about budget friendly gifts. Pictures coming soon of my completed hat! That pattern was my new pattern for the day!!! Another do I g tomorrow.