50 % Off Today at Unique Thriftstores

I am super excite that today is the 50 % off sale at the Unique Thriftstores. I am a thrift store junky but recently I had to purge because of over crowding in my dresser and closer. The biggest issue was I had a lot of mismatched items. After my purge I realized that I didn’t have a few things but in my true frugal nature I could only get them at a sale price.  So today I have my list all ready and I get to hit up the thrift store on my adventure. My son has his first wrestling tournament this morning (bittersweet feelings). I am excited to go cheer him on but disappointed this will delay my shopping trip.


The Rest Of my Thriftstore Overhaul

Ok finally I got the pics done from the rest of my thrift store overhaul. I am ready for summer!                                                              

My Thrift Store Haul

Before I get started I will tell you that I spent $49.00 even because I rounded up the change for donation (giving back is mandatory). Now I have attached pictures so you can see that thrift store shopping does not have to compromise tastes. I got shirts (that was my target shopping item) by Ann Taylor, Izod, American Eagle, & New York and Company. I was also able to score a Charter Club velour jumpsuit for my granny. All this without breaking the budget. At work one of my co-workers said you always have on nice clothes and I explained. To her they all come from second hand stores or consignment shops. Now even when shopping second hand beware of the price tags and have a target item. Remember it’s not a discount if you can’t use it (then it becomes a waste of money). It’s easy to pick up things you won’t use or don’t need when thrift store shopping because it appears to be a deal. One way I have found to avoid this is keep a list of what I need like black long sleeve shirt or brown slacks in my phone. Now I can’t always cover the list and after wasting dollars of the thrifty doesn’t have it I keep the item on my list. I also avoid thrift store hopping for just one item because if I am using a lot of gas in travel I might as well buy it new. I also only shop on discount days. Some stores offer 50% off on the last Saturday of every month and believe it or not the end of the year when everyone is purging is a perfect time. Other thrift stores have a 20% discount every Thursday. Most consignment shops have a discount section for items they want to get rid of. These items can be as cheap as a dollar an item. Most consignment shops are only as good as the area of their location especially if they are not a chain. The better the area the better the quality. Also in consignment shops don’t be afraid to haggle. There is usually a lowest sell price that the store owner agrees with the consigned to sell the item for. I have gotten Coach bags for $10 at consignment shops.











Bath and Bodyworks Sale

Ok everyone before Christmas I went to Bath and Bodyworks looking for their Christmas sale prices, I got nothing! The only sale they had were the buy three get three free. Not good, one bottle is $14 and I am just not willing to pay $7 a bottle for their sprays. Now I have to admit I save a lot of money not using their lotions and shower gels. I go with a bargain brand body wash (I use Ivory $.98 at Wally World). For lotions I use CVS or Wally World intense moisturizing lotion unless I catch a clearance price on a good brand. I will do another post to tell you how to soup up you lotion if you have an oops and by lotion that simply does not work. Back to Bath and Bodyworks, now after Christmas they are having a mega sale (so glad I waited) old fragrances and seasonal are on sale for $3.60. I am stocking up on next years Christmas gifts. Also if you have any Aeropostale fans they have $5 shirts that also make great gifts, these shirts were originally $29.95 (absurd). Hollister didn’t have any deals to write home about $20 jeans is way over my budget. I am a thrift store shopping queen and I have Hollister jeans I paid $4 for and that is the only reason I have them. I did get to the thrift store for the 50% off last Saturday of the month. I will post pictures of what I got and my grand total later. Happy Monday!!!