H & M Sale

Now I am very rarely convinced by a store price that something is a good deal. My price index for buying myself clothes is what it would cost on half off day at my local thrift store (now that is a hard bargain to beat). So imagine my surprise when I got a deal at H&M!!! Now they had sweaters for next winter season for $6.99. But more importantly they had light long sleeve shirts for $2.99 and a cute short sleeve shirt for $4.99. I paid less then $10 for two brand new shirts. I walked out a happy and loyal customer. These are not Walmart quality shirts either (no offense to Walmart). I will add pics tonight and I plan to incorporate these items into an outfit for next week.  


My Goodwill trip today

So excited I went to my local goodwill today looking for a new bag to hold the thread for my crochet earrings & you’d never guess what I found. A Michael Kors bag in not so bad condition for $10, a great deal & a wonderful treat for myself. I also got a bag that I can put pictures in to display my work & a cute purse. I got some sheets to line my crochey bags with & I spent under $40 for everything. Checkout the pics of my goodwill finds.