Yarnspirations Website

Now I will spend money on patterns; however, I love, love, love the free pattern options on this website. I have found some beautiful patterns and most come with some type of Youtube tutorial. If you haven’t been there go check it out!!


The Yarn Room in Progress

Late last year I had to have my basement waterproof. By God’s grace this was an expense covered by my HOA. My only responsibility was to move everything away from the walls. Although this may seem simple enough (especially when you are saving thousands of dollars) this became a daunting task. My basement had become a dumping ground for everything I thought I needed at every thriftstore, bargain sale, yard sale, deal, etc. and it wasn’t pretty. Werks I worked and worked to no avail. Exactly 3 days before the crew would come to complete the work my 2 uncles (bless their hearts) came and helped me move all this stuff into the middle of the basement. As this happened I realized (and they were my amen section) how much unused space was in my basement. All my money woes were stacked in the middle of my basement. I was headed to hoarder rehab if I didn’t get my act together. Then I saw it, a vision of a craft cave (something like a man cave but for a crafter). It has been my motivation. Donation pick up after donation pick up, I am slowly but surely purging through the “I might need that one day” pile. I am too embarrassed to put up a picture (I will do a before and after once it is complete). However, it has made me stay away from stuff I don’t need in the thriftstore and I avoid yard sales these days. I have chastised myself repeatedly when I open a bin and it burps yarn. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO KICK MY YARN BUYING HABIT. I have slowed down tremendously though (hey thats a step). I am thoroughly excited about getting a yarn room. I know its going to be worth all this work.

Yarn Stash Taking Over

I have been struggling with not buying yarn. My yarn store frequently has great sales and I simply can’t resist. I already have more yarn then I can use in my lifetime (which is still not enough to me). I have considered quitting my job and making this my full-time business. However, when I discuss this with my partners; mortgage company, electric bill, car payment, car insurance, etc. they say I have to keep my good government job. I work on my eclectic blanket to use up yarn scraps just to make it seem like I am putting a dent in my yarn collection. Pretty soon I am going to need a storage unit to hold my yarn. I am currently working through patterns in my pattern collection books. I am hoping to organize my finished products for sale on Etsy by the end of next month (pray for me). I have recently lost interest in taking special orders and really just want to focus on working on patterns that interest me. I know this is a phase and hope that once I get my Etsy store stocked up, I will get back in the swing.
My eclectic blanket in progress.

Current WIP

I have been working on a cute quick slipper pattern that I found on http://www.lavenderchair.com the slipper is called the Cloud 9 Slipper. It works up extremely fast. I have made 6 so far (3 pair). ACMOORE has a similar yarn to Cloud nine (which is kind of expensive). The name is Stitch Studio by Nicole Sweet Puff. The best part of this is the yarn is on sale for a dollar this week. (As if I need more yarn). I added an elastic band in the top so that the slipper will hold its form. I used 1/2 elastic that I picked up from Walmart. I was not in the mood to sew so I glued the elastic. I used Aleene’s “ok to wash.” After trying them on I realized this really didn’t make a difference. My last few pair I just crocheted the pattern for small without the elastic. I think using ribbon weaved through the ankle portion is going to be a better idea. This has been a stash buster for me and they will make great gifts if they don’t sell on my Etsy page. I plan to start posting them Sunday. You can find the pattern here: http://www.thelavenderchair.com/cloud-9-slipper-pattern/. Its free unless you want to download the file.







I am so excited. I collect vintage patterns and a lot of them you won’t see online or in any magazines. I was blessed to have a friend that knows this and gave me a Woman’s Day article with hat patterns. I contacted Woman’s Day and they have given me the green light to do tutorials working through the pattern (I am doing a happy dance that would make my children angry). So this week I am going to be working on the hats to get a feel for which yarns I like best and how the finishedhats look. Next week I will be either posting a link to my tutorials or complaining about the road blocks that I have encountered. 

Skein 39

Well I don’t have a picture of the finished dress 😟 because the person I made it for picked it up the next day. But I used the yarn pictured and made a baby dress using “the little white dress” pattern I found on the internet. I was also able to make a baby hat (well my daughter made the hat sorry not sure if she used a pattern), I used Bev’s Cottage pattern for the mittens and the bootie pattern on the Bernat website. The yarn is thin but works up quick and easy. I found this on sale at Walmart for $1.50 and it took one skein and a small bit of skein two. The greatest part is it was from my stash.